Last year, one of my friend who works in the tourism business told me, he wanted to build a group of resort hotels in the mountain to provide their guests a wonderful holiday experience. Steel and concrete structure houses can make living experiences as their own. As he has already consulted several modular house companies, the components were hardly transported in maintains by cranes and trucks, far less overall module house. Moreover, there was no guarantee that there were only 3 months before peak season. They have to complete before this date to ensure investors’ return. The huge labor cost will not be able to control the operation of this project if in traditional building way.

How to build steel and concrete houses in short time?

With patented SPB technology, Sunrise reduced the size of heavy steel framing and concrete structure wall and floor block. It greatly reduces the weight of wall, and three workers can lift a wall panel block, just like a large lego. In order to save time, all the wall panels and floor panels are pre-decorated with friendly environment materials in factory, the house can be built up within one week on site.

On-site we build in this way

As a result, we handed over 16 villa of high quality with 4-star decoration standard at one time. My friends excitedly told us that he recouped all the investment in the 10th month. It is a trend to start investing in other tourist attractions, such as seaside, riverside and woodland resorts. More and more people are tired of the hustle city life, on one hand, to escape from the city and back to primitive life, on the other hand, to keep going the convenience of modernization. The resort hotel is just meet the demand, the success opens investor the golden time.

Let’s see how the developer made final VCR for his project.

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