9 Best Container House collection

Container houses, high-energy rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles, and wireless Internet, are listed as the most important inventions. They are mostly changing our way of living for the next 10 years. It shows influence and great commercial value.

The reason why people like container houses:

Architect:   Get a lot of media coverage.

House owner:  Container houses meet their expectations of environment-friendly and mobile homes around the world.

Enterprise: Container offices and stores are good advertisings,practical and easy-to-move at the same time.

The company loads their stores onto the truck,just click the button, they can open their stores in a variety of places.

In a word, everyone gets the benefit from his low-cost, quick installation and flexibility.

Let’s see examples below:

Boxpark in the United Arab Emirates

Chessington World Of Adventures


Dock Lounge

Mobile Container House

Furniture Showroom

The mall in Christchurch, New Zealand

Shipping Container Guest House

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