2019 First Australia building reg compliant prefab house loaded

Sunrise export the first house in 2019. The heavy steel and light concrete structure house complied with NCC(Formerly BCA), relevant SAA codes, Australia. After two weeks Ocean trip, these 5 * 40HQ containers will arrive at Sydney from China Sunrise Group factory.
This 600m2 Austria building reg compliant building will be built like big LEGO bricks on site.
Due to the Interior and exterior walls are decorated painting, embedded with pipes and wires in advanced off-site,
The workers only assemble the walls, floor panels and bolt on-site.
The sunrise team complete the whole project within 30 working days as scheduled, deliver a permanent decoration finished building.

This architecture solves the transport problem of modular buildings with non-standard dimensions.

At the same time it achieves the goal of on-site fast installation.
By many years of accumulation and innovation, Sunrise SPB patent technology breaks down traditional houses into prefabricated units,
like various architectural styles of low-floor buildings like commerce building, residence house, vacation hotel villa, and wooden house.

As a leading High-end Prefab house manufacturer in China

Sunrise buildings are 20 percent cost saving than traditional local buildings in entire housing budget.
In the current depressed real estate market, Sunrise prefabricated construction is attractive by builders and developers.
Built faster than light steel buildings.

The global architecture industrialization trend is overwhelming.

The prefabricated market will enter a period of rapid growth in the next few years

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