September 2018

April 2018

What is modular ?

What is modular? Modular homes use factory-built prefabricated units and are delivered on site as modules. Typically, these modules consist of six-sided boxes placed together on site to create a complete building. They can be placed side by side, connected end to end, or stacked with a crane

What is prefabrication ?

What is prefabrication ? Prefabricated houses, prefabricated panels, and modules are constructed in a controlled factory environment. These parts are then transported, assembled and installed on site to create a complete, livable home. The types of prefabricated houses include modular houses, panel houses, and precut houses. By using high-quality materials,

March 2018

Features of Prefabricated Building from SUNRISE

Features of Prefabricated Building from SUNRISE 1. A large number of architectural products are manufactured and processed by workshops. The types of components include exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, laminated panels, balconies, air conditioning panels, stairs, prefabricated beams, and prefabricated columns. 2. A large number of assembly