What is Sunrise Bathrooms Pod?

A professional sanitary ware manufacture

The Advantages of Sunrise Bathroom Pod

No.1:  Stable in Structure

  • With the Self-owned Technology

  • Distributed monolithic steel structure kernel

  • Suitable for long distance transportation

  • Q235B or Q345 steel overall welding

  • Special antirust by Fluorocarbon painting

No.2:  Multiple waterproof technologies, long life guaranteed

  • Floor waterproof: More than three layers of treatment

  • Bottom pressed steel plate: Adopting the marine use fluorocarbon painting technology

  • In the middle: Elastic waterproof layer covered all over

  • Ceramic tile aperture: Using high-tech waterproofing agent

  • Wall: Using AAC board and foam insulation materials with special treatment.

No.3:  High-quality hardware matching

  • Windows\ Toilets \Switch sockets \lamps

  • Faucets\ Showers\cables \water pipes\drainage pipes

  • high-end luxury bathrooms

  • Compliance with international standard skid level

No.4:  Customized designs are available

  • Our technology is suitable for all kinds of customized designs

  • Well meet different layout and different ways of connection

No.5: Same experience with the traditional bathrooms

  • All the materials we use are the same with the common traditionally on-site decorated bathrooms

No.6: Accumulated many years of production experience

  • Mature technology, Stable quality

  • All the technical workers are with technical certifications

  • Very good reputations from customers